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    Social Innovator, serial entrepreneur, advisor, consultant and just a dreamer...

    First of all, I am business consultant and social innovator. I help entrepreneurs and corporate leaders grow and manage their business. My company FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator helps the perspective teams from Ukraine and CIS to build successful startups in the EU and around the World. We provide professional consulting services and technical development of the product as well as organize various business events.


    I like entrepreneurs, because they develop an economy and move technological progress. So, my personal mission is to help them to build and develop a successful business. I know that the world is changed by people, and I want to be in the first row!

  • Help startups in Dnipro city...

    It's the main thing what I do now at FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator

    EGAP Challenge 1st final


    Create beautiful things, make World better!

    My main project is FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator. It is a company that helps entrepreneurs to build successful technical business. We become an co-founder and technical investor at early stage of the project and provides business development services for startup teams. We are looking for startups with sofware, hardware, SaaS, big data, game-dev, fin-tech, high-tech, e-learning, medical, mobile, e-gov and open-data prоjects.

    We have two main streams at FeelGoodLabs Business Accelerator. There are High-Tech and E-democracy. The first one is an business accelerator for high technology startups. We started work in autumn 2016, so we can not boast a large portfolio. But we have a number of promising projects, which are currently working with and we are rightfully proud of them. Among them are Photofact and LifeHackDay.


    Our company supports the establishment of e-democracy in Ukraine. In particular, we are a regional partner of EGAP (The E-governance for Accountability and Participation) project. As of October 2016, there are 4 teams, who completed our acceleration program: Opendatabot, Electoral History, Edupay and Photofact. They received support from East Europe Foundation and Innovabridge Foundation. We continue to accept applications from startups that work on projects in the field of e-democracy.


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  • More things I'm working on.

    I have more than 9 years experience in startups and IT business development. My lovely projects are EGAP Challenge and LifeHackDay.

    EGAP Dnipro logo

    EGAP Challenge

    Business accelerator for e-democracy startups

    FeelGoodLabs is the Regional representative of EGAP program, that is engaged in the development of e-democracy in Ukraine.

    We are looking for startups with sofware, hardware, SaaS, big data, ag-tech, fin-tech, high-tech, e-learning, medical, mobile, open-data and other e-gov prоjects.



    lifehackday logo


    Event for entrepreneurs and investors

    LifeHackDay is the event for high-tech startups, successful enterpreneurs, investors, developers, digital medias and all who in any case related to IT-industry.


    The mission of the event is to increase the business success startups using really practical and interesting program.



  • I am as I am

    An entrepreneur, an advisor, a dreamer, a visionary, a dude...

    at Next.Step's first presentation

    Next.Step High-Tech Presentation


    Chasopys, Kyiv, Ukraine

    Oculus Rift testing

    Oculus Rift testing


    The Old Town, Warsaw, Poland

    Walk around Warsaw

    Walk around Warsaw


    Grochowska street, Warsaw, Poland

    I am Burger King!

    Talking with startups


    Interpipe Tech-fest, Dnipro, Ukraine

    I am Burger King!

    With Igor Shoifot


    SPACE HUB, Dnipro, Ukraine

    I am Burger King!

    My speech about e-dem at TEDx


    TEDx Ternopil, Ukraine

    Sergey and Maryna

    Me and my lovely Maryna


    Ternopil, Ukraine

    I am Burger King!

    Seedstars Dnipro 2016


    SPACE HUB, Dnipro, Ukraine

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